Little Brown Fuck Machines Is A Very Apt Name For This Site

Published on October 29, 2015 in Galleries.
One question that I am repeatedly asked is what the name of a porn site called LBFM means. This is a fairly simple question to answer. What this name of this hot porn site means is literally 'little brown fuck machines.' A very apt title for a site that features some of the hottest babes I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. As soon as you see their girls you will understand what I mean. There are over seven hundred ladies on their site and all of them are from somewhere in Southeast Asia. They have real Asian teens, schoolgirls, milf and even hookers. All of them beautiful, naked and... check the whole gallery here!
Asian Schoolgirl Pursues A Degree In Hardcore Fucking

Published on November 3, 2015 in Galleries.
This Asian schoolgirl that I found on LBFM might be in the process of pursing her degree but that isn't her main passion in life. No, what she really likes to do is to have sex with strangers on film. Strangers who are not only ready to enjoy her unique sexual skill set, but are even willing to pay her a little cash on the side for the privilege. It's the best of both worlds for this teenager. Not only does she earn some money to pay for her college expenses, but she also gets to have the dirty, sweaty and hot anonymous sex that she has always loved. And she gets to have it on camera to... check the whole gallery here!
Asian Hooker Is The Best Fuck In The East

Published on November 8, 2015 in Galleries.
When you pick up hookers in Asia, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes you might end up with a chick who is going to steal your wallet and sometimes you are going to end up with a girl who is going to give you the thrill of your life. I think I have found the latter in this picture gallery I found on LBFM. This chick has been working the streets for about six months now and has already become of the hottest whores in her city. That's because she knows how to give guys exactly what they want. She gives them the best blow jobs and one of the tightest pussies they have ever... check the whole gallery here!
Playful Asian Babe Shows Off Bubbly Creampie

Published on November 13, 2015 in Galleries.
I am going to show you another super sexy babe I found on LBFM. An Asian babe named Sasha who has a rocking body and a very playful attitude. I watched a couple of different scenes with her in it and have found her to be both sexy and exciting. And I believe this porn gallery shows the truth in my statement. Sasha starts off this scene completely nude except for a pair of nylons on. She is just sitting there on the steps of her house spreading her pussy and playing with her tits with a big smile plastered on her face. Right from the beginning she hooks us with that fabulous body. And to... check the whole gallery here!
Sweet Asian Girlfriend Fucks Like A Slut

Published on November 18, 2015 in Galleries.
Some guys get to have all the fun. Take the guy in this LBFM gallery, for instance. He has one of the sexiest and hottest Asian girlfriends. A chick who looks like she could easily be a model. She's beautiful and has an amazing body. But it isn't just her appearance that makes her a great fucking girlfriend; it is also because of her sexual appetites. This babe has the heart of a slut. This chick's name is Christina and she is going to show you just what makes her so special. In this scene she gets completely nude and shows off her natural tits. Then she pulls down her panties and... check the whole gallery here!
AV Porn Idol Gets A Creamy Cum Facial

Published on November 23, 2015 in Galleries.
Mika is an AV Idol who has appeared in countless hardcore movies. And now she has made her appearance on LBFM. This gives porn fans from the West the opportunity to enjoy what porn fans from the East have known for a long time. That this chick is an amazing adult actress. She is not only extremely gorgeous but she also has a great fucking body. She has little breasts that are firm and natural as well as nice long legs. She also has an incredible pussy that can really take a pounding. As you are going to find out in this XXX porn gallery. This Asian slut is going to put on a sex show for... check the whole gallery here!
My Favorite Asian Teen Gets Messy Creampie

Published on November 28, 2015 in Galleries.
A met a guy the other day who was a member of LBFM like I am. And we got to talking about all of the girls on this site. During the course of this conversation, he then asked me which of the sexy Asian teens on this site were my favorite. And without hesitation I gave him my answer. I told him that an eighteen year old babe name Angelina was my favorite. Angelina is my favorite teen from this site for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, I love her because she has the aura of innocence that surrounds her. She might not actually be pure and innocent, but she sure seems like... check the whole gallery here!
Asian School Sluts Are Perfect For The Spank Bank

Published on December 3, 2015 in Galleries.
If watching Asian schoolgirls getting nude and having sex are a persistent fantasy of yours, as it is mine, then you are really going to be happy with this LBFM gallery I am going to be showing you today. That's because it has one of the hottest school girls you will ever toss into your spank bank. A girl with a smoking body and an insatiable appetite for cock. The young lady you see in these pictures is named London and today she is going to give you one hell of a show. And she is going to start off her little sex routine by stripping out of that school uniform and showing what she has... check the whole gallery here!
Time To Warm Up To Hot Asian Pussy

Published on December 8, 2015 in Galleries.
If you haven't yet fulfilled you desire for hot Asian teen pussy, then you might want to check out this LBFM gallery. In this scene you will meet a girl named Sylvia. A girl who has the body, the face and the sexual skills to satisfy all of your sexual desires. Or at the very least, come really close to satisfying them. Sylvia starts off her scene by laying on the bed with her boyfriend. She looks so inviting just laying there in her cutesy little outfit and heart covered socks. So inviting, in fact, that her boyfriend just can't help but place his hands all over her body and strip off... check the whole gallery here!
Asian Cheerleader Cheers Up Her Teacher's Cock

Published on December 13, 2015 in Galleries.
I never got an opportunity to fuck a horny Asian cheerleader. But I don't feel bad about it because this sexual fantasy had never even crossed my mind. That is, not until today. Now that I have seen this cheerleader named Asia on LBFM and have had that fantasy placed securely into my subconscious, that is beginning to change, however. Now I am actually feeling like I may have missed out on something really special. Asia looks really amazing in that cheer uniform. I can imagine pulling up her skirt and fucking that tight teen pussy, or pulling down her blouse and licking on those small... check the whole gallery here!
Asian Teenager Has Oily Sex On Massage Table

Published on December 18, 2015 in Galleries.
Here are some porn pics I found on LBFM. In these pictures you see a masseuse who had a very special lie down on the table for him. A sexy Asian girl named Veiki who brought her fine eighteen year old ass into his parlor to get some kinks worked out of her lower back. However, she gets more than a lower back massage. She also gets somewhat of an internal pussy massage as well. The masseuse pours oil onto this fine babe and then goes to work. At first, he keeps his hands on her back, giving her the back rub she wanted. But then the sheet pulled down a little bit and he got his first glimpse... check the whole gallery here!
Asian Teen Fucked And Served With A Side Of Cream

Published on December 23, 2015 in Galleries.
If you have never seen a fruit that you wanted to stick your dick inside of, then you probably haven't seen this Asian babe named Apple. This chick is as tasty as a red delicious, has tits like nectarines and has a pussy that is as sweet as peaches. Just think of her as a sexy fruit salad. And while you are imagining that image, check how well she fucks in this LBFM porn gallery. Apple is a chick who needs a little bit of cream. And the guy in these pictures is going to give it to her. Watch as he plunges his mean fuck stick into her tight love hole and bangs one orgasm after another out... check the whole gallery here!
Is This The Best Asian Blowjob In The World?

Published on December 28, 2015 in Galleries.
Nobody ever accused Miko of not being able to suck a dick. If any guy even thought about saying that she didn't know how to give a blowjob, then they would immediately be discredited. Especially after these LBFM pics were put on display for everyone to see. There is no way in hell you could say this Asian cock sucker can't suck a cock. And what he oral sex abilities so incredible is the fact that she is willing to take her time with a guy's penis. She doesn't rush through it like some girls do. This young lady believes that haste makes waste, so she make sure that she gives this guy's... check the whole gallery here!
This Asian Whore Loves White Cock

Published on January 2, 2016 in Galleries.
Here is an Asian girl from the porn site LBFM that really knows what she wants. In fact, you might even say that she has some very particular tastes. First of all, she will only fuck white guys. She just likes how they look and their cocks are the perfect size for her little Oriental cunt. And second, she loves it when her man takes charge and not only brings himself to orgasm but her as well. And from the looks of this gallery, it appears this Asian girlfriend is getting everything she wants. Started with some pretty hot cunnilingus served up by her boyfriend. He licks her pussy so long... check the whole gallery here!
This Asian Amateur Is Only The Beginning

Published on January 7, 2016 in Galleries.
ne last LBFM porn gallery for you to spank off with. This one features a sexy Asian woman named Maybel who not only loves sucking dick but also loves getting her pussy pounded. Pounded and left with a nice gooey covering of cum all over it. If you like these pics, then you might want to head on over to Little Brown Fuck Machines and see all of the rest of the action this site has. They have hundreds of sexy Asian girls who are not only willing to show off their amazing bodies but are also willing to do just about anything... check the whole gallery here!